self sovereign tools

Privacy Policy

Clearnet site: https://x21.tools
x21.tools does not collect or store any data on site visitors

We do not:

- offer account signups / registrations.

- offer subscriptions of any kind.

- allow visitors to comment on posts.

- offer shopping or checkout facilities.

- use any embeded contact forms.

- store any identifiable visitor logs.

- use any form of advertising trackers.

- monetize the website in any way, other than offering visitors the ability to make anonymous donations.

We do:

- enable SSL/TSL strict mode.

- disable server logging.

- host an optional onion site.

We have no interest in knowing who our visitors are. For improved privacy, we recommend using a VPN when interacting with our clearnet site.


For visitors wishing to donate, we have an embedded BTCPay button for convenience. The BTCPay Server is hosted by BTCPayJungle. The only transaction logs are those publicly available on the blockchain. You can find more information on BTCPayJungle via their GitHub

For Samourai & Sparrow Wallet users, we recommend donating via BIP47 PayNym, adding additional blockchain privacy.

A Monero address is available for those wishing to donate XMR

Thank you to @KYCfree for the format of this privacy policy page.