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BIP47 PayNyms

PayNym’ is the Samourai Wallet implementation of BIP47 defined ‘Reusable Payment Codes’ by Justus Ranvier. A reusable payment code is essentially a publicly shareable ID, derived from your wallet seed and completely unique to you. With this payment code, anyone else using a BIP47 compatible wallet can combine their own unique code with yours to generate bitcoin addresses for the two of you to transact.

Currently, anyone wanting to receive Bitcoin donations or payments has three main choices…

1. Post a static address on their profile or website (which is terrible for privacy)

2. Manually generate a new address for each transaction (not scalable)

3. Run a BTCPay server or something similar (the best option of the 3 but comes with a much higher barrier to entry)

PayNyms fix this problem.

Anyone using a Paynym can post their payment code anywhere they like and receive private payments, to a new address every time. No address reuse, no server requiring 24/7 up time and zero requirement to manually serve a fresh address to each new individual wanting to pay them.

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My PayNym can be found HERE